Hazelwood, Derbyshire
PRB 19-048

The transformation of this 1960's split level bungalow. Externally the property now has a combination of standing seam metal and timber cladding which provides a dramatic change.

01Concept Design
02Planning Process
03Technical Design
05On Site Assistance

The property occupies an enviable plot overlooking the Derbyshire countryside. The client has maximised their ability to enjoy the stunning views by really opening up the façade of the house and installing a series of large sliding doors and picture windows.

Internally the property was cellular with rooms acting as circulation. The introduction of the hallway has transformed the space. A new master bedroom suite was constructed in an extension to the rear, with a new utility room extension and detached garage constructed to the front of the property. The kitchen and dining room have been combined, and the former garage converted to bedroom accommodation.

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  • Architecture + Conservation